Contributed Talk - Splinter Plasma

Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 15:50   (D+E+F MPS)

Wave particle interaction in Jupiter's magnetosphere: Comparison with JUNO observations of Jupiter's aurora

J. Saur1, A. Schreiner1, B.H. Mauk2, G.B. Clark2, P. Kollmann2, R.W. Ebert3, F. Allegrini3
1A. University of Cologne, Germany

The understanding of Jupiter’s aurora currently experiences a quantum leap due to the insitu particle and fields and the remote sensing measurements by the JUNO spacecraft. To help understand the associated magnetospheric acceleration processes, we investigate wave particle interactions, i.e., Landau and cyclotron damping, in Jupiter's magnetosphere for electrons, sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen ions. Therefore we calculate kinetic length and temporal scales, which we cross-compare for various regions within Jupiter's magnetosphere. Based on these scales, we investigate the roles of possible wave particle mechanisms in each region, e.g., Jupiter's plasma sheet, the auroral acceleration region and the polar ionosphere. We thereby consider that the magnetospheric regions are coupled through convective transport, and Alfven and other wave modes. We particularly focus on the role of stochastic acceleration by kinetic Alfvén waves in contributing to Jupiter's aurora.