Poster - Splinter HiRes

Dissipation of Alfvén waves through ion-neutral interactions

D. Przybylski1, S. Shelyag 2, E. Khomenko 3, P. Cally 4
1 MPS, Göttingen, Germany
2 Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK
3 IAC, Tenerife, Spain
4 Monash University, Clayton, Australia

We investigate the ability of ion-neutral interactions to dissipate Alfvén waves in the solar chromosphere. An acoustic driver is used to generate perturbations in a self-similar magnetohydrostatic flux tube model. As these waves travel into the center of the magnetic field concentration, significant energy is dissipated, a factor of 20 higher than the dissipation of static currents. This heating is caused by the damping of magnetic waves, as seen by a decrease in Poynting flux when ambipolar diffusion is included. The dependence of this energy dissipation with resolution, driver amplitude and frequency is studied.