Splinter Meetings

Splinter meetings will be held in parallel and may optionally last one or two afternoon sessions during the conference.

Below you can find the list of the splinter meetings accepted by the SOC, including links to their websites.

Please note: Abstract submission for all splinters is done centrally through the Abstract Submission on this Website. Please do not send your abstracts directly to the convenors of the splinter meetings!

ActivitySolar and stellar activity and variabilityXAuditorium MPS
AGNActive Galactic NucleiXHS4
CCATCCAT-prime: new submillimeter science opportunitiesXAuditorium MPS
ComputationComputational AstrophysicsXXHS3
E-ScienceE-Science, E-Infrastructures, and Virtual Observatory (Machines of Discovery)XXSR17
EducationAstronomy and EducationXHS5
eROSITAeROSITA is Coming! Opportunities to Study Cosmology and Large Scale Structure with X-ray Selected Clusters and AGNXHS4
EuclidThe Euclid space missionXHS2
HiResHigh-Resolution Solar Imaging, Spectroscopy, and Polarimetry - Recent Developments in Science and InstrumentationXAuditorium MPS
HotStarsHot Stars and Binary EvolutionXHS3
Non-ThermalSurveying the non-thermal UniverseXHS4
PlasmaSpace Plasma Processes in Stellar and Planetary EnvironmentsXD+E+F MPS
PopulationsStellar Populations in and around the Milky WayXXHS5