AG meeting 2017

Splinter Meeting Exoplanets


Time: Wednesday September 20, 14:00-16:30 and 17:00-19:00

Organizers: Sandra Jeffers (Göttingen), Alexander Krivov (Jena), Heike Rauer (Berlin), Ansgar Reiners (Göttingen)

Exoplanet discovery and characterization are among the main science drivers in astrophysics. New instruments and mission like CARMENES, CRIRES+, TESS, CHEOPS, and PLATO guarantee tremendous amounts of fresh data for the years to come, and theory is making fast progress explaining the existence and formation and evolution of planets. At the same time, several coordinated programs in the field of exoplanets and the formation of planetary systems are successfully developing in Germany. We want to bring together the exoplanet community and introduce coordinated efforts, and existing and upcoming programs for the next years.