AG meeting 2017

Splinter Meeting eROSITA

eROSITA is Coming! Opportunities to Study Cosmology and Large Scale Structure with X-ray Selected Clusters and AGN

Time: Thursday September 21, 14:00-16:30 and 17:00-19:00

Organizers: A. Finoguenov, A. Merloni, J. Mohr, T. Reiprich

The eROSITA instrument will launch as part of the Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma mission in spring 2018 and will be employed to carry out eight all sky X-ray surveys over a four year period. Each of these surveys will be equivalent to four times the depth of the ROSAT All Sky Survey, the last X-ray sky survey that was carried out in the early 1990's. The eROSITA dataset and the resulting X-ray selected cluster and AGN catalogs will be released periodically during the mission. Once redshifts are determined through joint analysis with multi-band ground based datasets like those from the Dark Energy Survey, the eROSITA cluster sample will enable precise studies of cosmology - including studies of the underlying explanation for the accelerating expansion of the Universe - through measurement of the cluster mass function and the spatial distribution of the clusters and AGN. A key issue facing the eROSITA mission is the measurement of the cluster mass scale using methods like weak lensing and dynamical masses. In addition, the X-ray selected cluster and AGN populations will provide a rich dataset for studies of the evolution of large scale structure and the galaxy population out to redshift z~1 and beyond.

We invite contributions to this Splinter Meeting from scientists speaking about X-ray and cosmological studies of clusters and AGN. Please direct questions to the eROSITA Splinter Meeting coordinators.