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The following poster presentations have been accepted:

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General Poster

PresentationTitleType PDF
HøgAfter 64 years dedicated to astrometric instrumentation, a Gaia successor is in sightPoster PDF
KleinFIFI-LS Observations of Galactic PDRsPoster PDF
KleinInfrared Observations with SOFIAPoster PDF
TraulsenDigging deeper: The first catalogue of X-ray detections from stacked XMM-Newton observationsPoster PDF


PresentationTitleType PDF
PourabdianDeep focusing in time-distance helioseismologyPoster PDF
ProxaufSolar near-surface flows from ring-diagram helioseismologyPoster PDF
SchöferChromospheric Activity Indicators in Visible Light and Near InfraredPoster PDF
YangA Possible Improvement on Helioseismic HolographyPoster PDF


PresentationTitleType PDF
BruckmannSimulation of Galactic disk PDRs line emissionPoster PDF
KaroumpisPredictions for the redshift 5-9 [CII] intensity distributionPoster PDF
ZiebartMapping the ISM in nearby galaxies with CCAT-p: the case of M51Poster PDF


PresentationTitleType PDF
HacksteinThe Bochum Galactic Disk SurveyPoster PDF
SpasovicA study of photometric errors on two different photographic plate scansPoster PDF


PresentationTitleType PDF
Ammler-von_EiffUsing ThNe calibration lamps for the radial velocity methodPoster PDF
FreudenthalPhotodynamical Modelling: An Update on Kepler-9Poster PDF
GrziwaWavelet based filter methods for the detection and characterization of transiting planets in light curves of space based telescopesPoster PDF
HellerDetectability of Moons Around Extrasolar PlanetsPoster PDF
HundertmarkThe ROME/REA Microlensing Key Project - a window to planets beyond the snowlinePoster PDF
KaminskiThe Design of the High Resolution Spectrograph CARMENES - From the Optical to the Near-IRPoster PDF
KorthOrbital parameter estimation of extrasolar multi-planet systems by Transit Time VariationPoster PDF
KuiperHydrodynamics and Thermodynamics of super-Earth Planets' First AtmospheresPoster PDF
LisogorskyiMeasuring the radial velocity of Alpha CentauriPoster PDF
PawellekIndicators for planets in debris disc systemsPoster PDF
SabottaLooking for Planets around A type stars - did we miss 166 of them in the Kepler field?Poster PDF
SchweitzerMasses and radii of the CARMENES target starsPoster PDF
StockTowards Consistent Stellar Parameters for Giant StarsPoster PDF


PresentationTitleType PDF
ChanumoluModel Based Calibrations of Microlensed Hyperspectral ImagerPoster PDF
DingPAMIS: A Partially Multiplexed High Resolution Imaging SpectrometerPoster PDF
FerretNew results on supergranulationPoster PDF
Garcia-RivasUmbral sunspot spectra observed with LARS compared to cool starsPoster PDF
KrishnamurthyScattering theory of Paschen-Back effect: application to Li I 6708 A doubletPoster PDF
NagashimaComparison between time-distance and ring-diagram helioseismology measurements of subsurface convective flowsPoster PDF
PoulierMultiple scattering of acoustic wavesPoster PDF
PrzybylskiDissipation of Alfv\'en waves through ion-neutral interactionsPoster PDF
SchouSupergranular Waves RevisitedPoster PDF
YadavDynamics of vortex flows in the lower solar atmospherePoster PDF


PresentationTitleType PDF
GlaserStellar Laboratories: High-precision Atomic Physics with STISPoster PDF
KnörzerThe enigma of the missing flux in the hot, helium-rich white dwarf RE 0503-289Poster PDF
ShenarThe formation of the observed Wolf-Rayet stars in the Magellanic Clouds is not dominated by mass transfer in binariesPoster PDF


PresentationTitleType PDF
BischoffPhotometric variability in globular clustersPoster PDF
MartensMass-dependent dynamics in globular clustersPoster PDF
MolinskiMultiple stellar populations in globular clustersPoster PDF

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