Poster Presentations

The following poster presentations have been accepted:

Plenum    General Poster    Activity    AGN    CCAT    Computation    Education    eROSITA    E-Science    Euclid    Exoplanets    HiRes    HotStars    Non-Thermal    Outreach    Plasma    Populations   


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General Poster *)

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FerretNew results on supergranulationPoster PDF
Garcia-RivasUmbral sunspot spectra observed with LARS compared to cool starsPoster PDF
HøgAfter 64 years dedicated to astrometric instrumentation, a Gaia successor is in sightPoster PDF
KahilBrightness of solar magnetic elements as a function of magnetic flux at high spatial resolutionPoster PDF
KleinFIFI-LS Observations of Galactic PDRsPoster PDF
NagashimaComparison between time-distance and ring-diagram helioseismology measurements of subsurface convective flowsPoster PDF
PoulierMultiple scattering of acoustic wavesPoster PDF
PourabdianDeep focusing in time-distance helioseismologyPoster PDF
ProxaufSolar near-surface flows from ring-diagram helioseismologyPoster PDF
YangA Possible Improvement on Helioseismic HolographyPoster PDF

Activity *)

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AGN *)

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ZiebartMapping the ISM in nearby galaxies with CCAT-p: the case of M51Poster PDF

Computation *)

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Education *)

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E-Science *)

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SpasovicA study of photometric errors on two different photographic plate scansPoster PDF

Euclid *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
FabriciusThe German Euclid Science Data Center & Scientific Challenge 3Poster PDF

Exoplanets *)

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Ammler-von_EiffUsing ThNe calibration lamps for the radial velocity methodPoster PDF
LisogorskyiMeasuring the radial velocity of Alpha CentauriPoster PDF
SabottaLooking for Planets around A type stars - did we miss 166 of them in the Kepler field?Poster PDF
SchweitzerMasses and radii of the CARMENES target starsPoster PDF
StockTowards Consistent Stellar Parameters for Giant StarsPoster PDF

HiRes *)

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DingPAMIS: A Partially Multiplexed High Resolution Imaging SpectrometerPoster PDF
KrishnamurthyScattering theory of Paschen-Back effect: application to Li I 6708 A doubletPoster PDF
YadavDynamics of vortex flows in the lower solar atmospherePoster PDF

HotStars *)

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GlaserStellar Laboratories: High-precision Atomic Physics with STISPoster PDF
KnörzerThe enigma of the missing flux in the hot, helium-rich white dwarf RE 0503-289Poster PDF
ShenarThe formation of the observed Wolf-Rayet stars in the Magellanic Clouds is not dominated by mass transfer in binariesPoster PDF

Non-Thermal *)

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Outreach *)

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Plasma *)

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Populations *)

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MolinskiMultiple stellar populations in globular clustersPoster PDF

*) submitted abstracts, acceptance pending.