Satellite Events

Several satellite events are taking place during and around the conference. Here is a list of those events with additional information and links if available.

Arbeitskreis Astronomiegeschichte Mon. 18.09., 09:00 Historische Sternwarte
Astro-Frauen-Netzwerk Get-together Mon. 18.09., 16:00 A+B+C MPS
Meeting AG Board (closed session) Mon. 18.09., 09:00 H MPS
Mitgliederversammlung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft Tue. 19.09., 17:00 Auditorium MPS
Press Conference - Denkschrift Astronomie Tue. 19.09., 14:00 A+B+C MPS
Public Outreach Meeting Wed. 20.09., 14:00 SR17
RDS Meeting (closed session) Mon. 18.09., 13:00 Auditorium MPS
Training of Teachers (Lehrerfortbildung) Fri. 22.09., 14:00 SR17
Young Astrophysicists Meeting Mon. 18.09., 13:00 A+B+C MPS