Career Booth

Career Board for Astronomy Jobs

Contact: LOC

AG2017 will provide poster space at the conference venue to facilitate match-ups of employers and job seekers during the conference. This service is aimed exclusively at conference participants.

Employers looking to hire astronomers can post job openings. The poster boards will also include a selection of current job postings from the on-line Job Market of the Astronomische Gesellschaft at the time of the conference. If you are an employer planning to contribute one or more job postings to the Career Board, please also consider submitting the announcement to the Job Market of the AG beforehand. Job postings should include information about how potential applicants can reach a representative of the employer during or after the conference.

Astronomers looking for job openings can post their profiles. Job seeker profiles can include qualifications, interests and what type of position the person is looking for. Profiles should also include information about how potential employers can reach the job seeker during or after the conference.

All job postings and job seeker profiles should preferentially be in A4 format and include contact details.