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PresentationTitleType PDF
BertoldiCCAT-prime: A fast Sub-millimeter Telescope for Large-area SurveysHighlight PDF
CiardiCosmic reionization and 21 cm observationsReview PDF
DekanyClassical pulsators as population tracers: a journey to the far side of the Milky WayHighlight PDF
GreteLarge eddy simulations of compressible magnetohydrodynamic turbulencePhD Prize PDF
JeffersMagnetic stars and their elusive planetsReview PDF
KamannA MUSE view on Galactic globular clustersHighlight PDF
KramerWundervolles mysteriöses Universum - eine (Zeit-)ReisePublic Talk PDF
KruijssenThe Physics Driving the Molecular Cloud Lifecycle during Galaxy Formation and EvolutionLudwig-Biermann Award PDF
KupferThe systematic search for gravitational wave sources using synoptic surveysHighlight PDF
KäpyläModeller's view to solar and stellar dynamos: perspectives and challengesHighlight PDF
OssendrijverTracking Jupiter with a Trapezoid: Geometrical Methods in Ancient Babylonian AstronomyHighlight PDF
PillepichIllustrisTNG: the new frontier to understand the co-evolution of dark-matter and galaxies with cosmological simulations of structure formationHighlight PDF
Poglitsch"Es gibt nicht Gutes, außer man tut es" - Reflections on progress in astronomical InstrumentationInstrumentation Prize PDF
RempelRealistic MHD simulations of the solar atmosphereReview PDF
SasakiThe hot interstellar mediumHighlight PDF
SchlichenmaierSolar magnetoconvection observed with GREGORReview PDF
StecklumAccretion outbursts from high-mass young stellar objectsHighlight PDF
VerbiestProbing the Ionised ISM with LOFAR Pulsar ObservationsHighlight PDF
WielebinskiCosmic magnetic fieldsKarl-Schwarzschild Lecture PDF
YorkeSOFIA in the Era of JWST and ALMAHighlight PDF

General Poster *)

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FerretNew results on supergranulationPoster PDF
Garcia-RivasUmbral sunspot spectra observed with LARS compared to cool starsPoster PDF
HøgAfter 64 years dedicated to astrometric instrumentation, a Gaia successor is in sightPoster PDF
KahilBrightness of solar magnetic elements as a function of magnetic flux at high spatial resolutionPoster PDF
KleinFIFI-LS Observations of Galactic PDRsPoster PDF
NagashimaComparison between time-distance and ring-diagram helioseismology measurements of subsurface convective flowsPoster PDF
PoulierMultiple scattering of acoustic wavesPoster PDF
PourabdianDeep focusing in time-distance helioseismologyPoster PDF
ProxaufSolar near-surface flows from ring-diagram helioseismologyPoster PDF
YangA Possible Improvement on Helioseismic HolographyPoster PDF

Activity *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
Amazo-GomezGPS: A novel method to obtain stellar rotational periodsTalk PDF
ChatzistergosConnecting chromospheric emission to photospheric magnetic fieldTalk PDF
KuzmychovStrong surface magnetic field on a brown dwarfTalk PDF
NorrisSpectral variability of photospheric radiation due to small-scale magnetic featuresTalk PDF
ReinholdEvidence for photometric activity cycles in 3203 Kepler starsTalk PDF
VivianiAxi- to non-axisymmetric dynamo transition in stellar models with varying rotation rateTalk PDF
WangMeasurements of Total Solar Irradiance on FengYun–3 Satellites, from 2008 to 2017Talk PDF
WuSolar Irradiance Reconstruction over Holocene: A Consistent Multi-proxy ReconstructionTalk PDF

AGN *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
BritzenOJ287 - Deciphering the Rosetta stone of blazarsTalk PDF
GhaffariGalaxy overdensities around 3C radio galaxies and quasars at 1Talk PDF
MarianTesting the connection between major mergers and the triggering of high-accretion black holesTalk PDF
NunezOptical Photometric Monitoring of Active Galactic Nuclei at Wise ObservatoryTalk PDF
PuchweinThe role of AGN in cosmic reionizationTalk PDF
SchindlerThe Extremely Luminous Quasars Survey (ELQS) in SDSSTalk PDF
Sobrino-FigaredoIC4329A: a red Seyfert-1 nucleus in an edge-on host galaxyTalk PDF
VardoulakiFR-type radio sources in COSMOS: relation to size, accretion modes and large-scale environmentTalk PDF
ZetzlLine profile variations in the changing look AGN HE 1136-2304Talk PDF


PresentationTitleType PDF
BruckmannSimulation of Galactic disk PDRs line emissionTalk PDF
RiechersTomography of Cosmic Reionization Through [CII] Intensity Mapping at Redshifts 5--9 with CCAT-pTalk PDF
SimonCCAT-p: The Galactic ECology (GEco) ProjectTalk PDF
StutzkiCCAT-p first light instrumentationTalk PDF
ZiebartMapping the ISM in nearby galaxies with CCAT-p: the case of M51Poster PDF

Computation *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
BhasariNon-equilibrium energy balance in the solar chromosphereTalk PDF
BrauerLine and continuum radiative transfer simulations: From magnetic fields to polarizationTalk PDF
DolagMagneticum: The largest cosmological hydrodynamical simulationsTalk PDF
PuchweinForming (more) realistic galaxy clusters in simulationsTalk PDF
SchmidtSimulations of merging cool-core clustersTalk PDF
WichtSimulating the Jupiter's interior dynamicsTalk PDF

Education *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
BzduskovaStructure-forming phenomena in the universe and simple applications at schoolTalk PDF
CarmesinClimate Change: Discoveries in Physics LessonsTalk PDF
CarmesinQuantum Gravity: Discoveries about the early Universe including big bang, big bounce and a critical discussion of theseTalk PDF
HohmannStable Atmospheres inside and outside the Solar SystemTalk PDF
KrausThe Pitfalls of Determining Time and LocationTalk PDF
KüpperThe need for astronomical contexts in inclusive Physics classesTalk PDF
Küpper`With light through our solar system and beyond' - an astronomical learning conception for inclusive teaching of PhysicsTalk PDF
QuastWhite dwarfs as school topicTalk PDF
SchwarzThe Michelson-Morley Experiment in a proper representationTalk PDF


PresentationTitleType PDF
DolagGalaxy Clusters from the Magneticum SimulationsTalk PDF
MohrSunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Galaxy Cluster Cosmology and Implications for eROSITATalk PDF
NagarajanWeak-lensing mass calibration of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect using APEX-SZ galaxy clustersTalk PDF
Ramos-CejaSynthetic simulations of the extragalactic sky seen by eROSITA: pre-launch selection functions and cosmological forecastsTalk PDF
ReiprichResults from current X-ray selected galaxy cluster samples and way forward to eROSITA cosmologyTalk PDF
SchrabbackCalibrating the masses of high-redshift galaxy clusters with deep weak lensing dataTalk PDF

E-Science *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
DemleitnerPublishing Solar System Data using EPN-TAP and DaCHSTalk PDF
DerschFedora Astronomy - Integration of astronomical software into a Linux distributionTalk PDF
DolagA web portal for hydrodynamical, cosmological simulationsTalk PDF
SpasovicA study of photometric errors on two different photographic plate scansPoster PDF

Euclid *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
DolagThe Magneticum SimulationsTalk PDF
ElsnerReconstructing cosmological initial conditions using Bayesian statisticsTalk PDF
FabriciusThe German Euclid Science Data Center & Scientific Challenge 3Poster PDF
GruppThe EUCDLID NISP instrument statusTalk PDF
HilbertHow Accurate are Gravitational Lensing Simulations?Talk PDF
KümmelOU-MER StatusTalk PDF
MohrLegacy Science with the Euclid DatasetTalk PDF
SchmidtResponses: a novel approach to the covariance of the matter power spectrumTalk PDF
SchrabbackWeak lensing science with Euclid: An overviewTalk PDF
TewesWeak-lensing shear measurement with machine learningTalk PDF
WellerCosmology with Galaxy Cluster with EuclidTalk PDF

Exoplanets *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
Ammler-von_EiffUsing ThNe calibration lamps for the radial velocity methodPoster PDF
BoothALMA Observations of Planetary SystemsTalk PDF
FischerElectromagnetic star-planet-interaction at TRAPPIST-1Talk PDF
FreudenthalPhotodynamical Modelling: An Update on Kepler-9Talk PDF
HellerDetectability of Moons Around Extrasolar PlanetsTalk PDF
HundertmarkThe ROME/REA Microlensing Key Project - a window to planets beyond the snowlineTalk PDF
KirchschlagerConstraints on the structure of hot exozodiacal dust belts and their observability in the MIRTalk PDF
KohlA search for bow shocks around hot gaseous planetsTalk PDF
KrivovDebris Disks in Planetary SystemsTalk PDF
KuiperHydrodynamics and Thermodynamics of super-Earth Planets' First AtmospheresTalk PDF
LisogorskyiMeasuring the radial velocity of Alpha CentauriPoster PDF
MallonnThe optical slope in exoplanet spectra and a host star variability surveyTalk PDF
OshaghDetecting the variation of measured spin-orbit angles of exoplanet due to the stellar activityTalk PDF
PawellekIndicators for planets in debris disc systemsTalk PDF
SabottaLooking for Planets around A type stars - did we miss 166 of them in the Kepler field?Poster PDF
SchweitzerMasses and radii of the CARMENES target starsPoster PDF
SmithAn Earth-sized planet transiting an M-dwarf in a 4.3-hour orbitTalk PDF
StockTowards Consistent Stellar Parameters for Giant StarsPoster PDF

HiRes *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
AlbertAutonomous data reduction for the space-borne spectropolarimeter PHITalk PDF
DenkerHigh-resolution Fast Imager (HiFI): Image Quality and Image RestorationTalk PDF
DierckeMulti-wavelength observations of an arch filament systemTalk PDF
DingDoppler Spectroscopy of the Solar Corona: Detection of Cool Prominence Material Embedded in a Hot Fe XIV Plasma Environment within a Fast Moving CME-FrontTalk PDF
DingPAMIS: A Partially Multiplexed High Resolution Imaging SpectrometerPoster PDF
KaithakkalSmall-scale Flux Cancellations Observed with Sunrise II/IMaXTalk PDF
KrishnamurthyScattering theory of Paschen-Back effect: application to Li I 6708 A doubletPoster PDF
RequereyMagnetic vortex flow at a supergranular vertexTalk PDF
VermaHigh-resolution imaging and near-infrared spectroscopy of penumbral decayTalk PDF
YadavDynamics of vortex flows in the lower solar atmospherePoster PDF

HotStars *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
GlaserStellar Laboratories: High-precision Atomic Physics with STISPoster PDF
GrunerAn in-depth look into the earliest O-type Galactic binary, HD 93129ATalk PDF
HainichMassive binary stars with relativistic companions: Studying donor winds with the HSTTalk PDF
HoyerThe giant-dwarf connectionTalk PDF
KnörzerThe enigma of the missing flux in the hot, helium-rich white dwarf RE 0503-289Poster PDF
KupferThe population of ultracompact hot subdwarf binariesTalk PDF
LatourSpectral analysis of four very similar hot hydrogen-rich subdwarf O starsTalk PDF
LöblingSpectral Analysis of the hybrid PG 1159-type Central Stars of the Planetary Nebulae Abell 43 and NGC 7094Talk PDF
MackebrandtThe stellar pulsation timing method to detect substellar companionsTalk PDF
QuastMass transfer evolution in high mass X-ray binariesTalk PDF
SanderModeling hot star atmospheres: Challenges, applications, and the next generationTalk PDF
SchaffenrothNews from the EREBOS projectTalk PDF
SchuhThe O-C diagram of V391 Peg revisited: planet or not?Talk PDF
ShenarMagnetic stars as a laboratory for constraining the weak-wind problem in massive starsTalk PDF
ShenarThe formation of the observed Wolf-Rayet stars in the Magellanic Clouds is not dominated by mass transfer in binariesPoster PDF

Non-Thermal *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
CrucesThe High Time Resolution Universe Survey For PulsarsTalk PDF
DolagMagnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters and beyondTalk PDF
GelszinnisMerging galaxy clusters in radio surveysTalk PDF
HoubenSemi-simultaneous detections of single pulses in the radio regime with Effelsberg and LofarTalk PDF
RiegerThe non-thermal astrophysics of relativistic AGN jetsTalk PDF

Outreach *)

PresentationTitleType PDF

Plasma *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
ChifuGlobal coronal magnetic field modeling using stereoscopic constrainsTalk PDF
FichtnerThe Structure of the Heliosphere and Astrospheres: Measurements and SimulationsTalk PDF

Populations *)

PresentationTitleType PDF
ArentsenUncovering metal-poor stars in the Galactic bulge with the Pristine surveyTalk PDF
El-YoussoufiMorphology and Spatial distribution of Stellar Populations in the Magellanic Clouds from the VMC surveyTalk PDF
GiesersBinary stars in Galactic globular clustersTalk PDF
GuiglionThe AMBRE Project: r-process element abundances in the Milky Way thin and thick discsTalk PDF
GöttgensSearch for emission line objects in Galactic globular clustersTalk PDF
HeberHypervelocity starsTalk PDF
HämmerichMUSE spectroscopy of Horizontal Branch stars in omega Cen and NGC 6752Talk PDF
Jong4MOST - The facility to spectrally explore Stellar Populations in and around the Milky WayTalk PDF
JordanThe Gaia Mission - Overview, First Results, and future prospectsTalk PDF
KochStellar populations in the bulge - from no-resolution to high-resolutionTalk PDF
LatourSpectroscopic insights on the extreme horizontal branch population of omega CentauriTalk PDF
MolinskiMultiple stellar populations in globular clustersPoster PDF
RamachandranStellar population of the superbubble N 206 in the LMCTalk PDF
ShenarThe Wolf-Rayet population in the Magellanic Clouds and implications on star formationTalk PDF

*) submitted abstracts, acceptance pending.